November 11, 2012

back to mumbling nonsense

it's been awhile! i want to start writing again because the process of writing is very therapeutic for me, even if it is me just spewing nonsense all over your face and into your mouth. (lovely picture).. i recently attended my childhood friend's wedding at the exquisite German Society of Philadelphia. not only did i want to look pretty, i wanted to stand out as well. i put my outfit together last minute so i may have looked a mess instead: vintage faux fur coat from etsy, cheetah print l/s mini dress from nastygal, cream tights from american apparel, mustard yellow strappy sandals with blue heel from bally.

uurrrwaaarrrrggghhh!!! i l o o k s c a r y .

my room is littered with shoes

i started this blog in 2009 and now we're staring 2013 in the face. time doesn't slow down for anyone, and change seems to be the only constant we have in this world. i really have nothing of any importance to contribute to the blogosphere nor do i live a fast paced and exciting life somebody out there would want to read about. but i do have interesting thoughts every now and then if you can believe it haha. but anyway bye.

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Musings by Di said...

=) yay, you're posting again. i love you splattering your gibberish in my face. lovely indeed!
and I iove your wedding look~ the shoes look great with the tights.
love you.